Monday, January 3, 2011

I learned a faster and easier way to archive files on a Mac.

One of the more useful utilities from StuffIt (for Mac) is DropStuff, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of creating archives.  This is especially useful if you’re going to be burning them to a DVD-R anyway. 

Previously, I was creating .ZIP files (which can’t be edited after the fact), and then I started creating .SITX files, but had to guess as to how large to make the files if the archive would be large enough to span multiple volumes.  With DropStuff, just drag your folder into the Stuff & Burn option and it’ll calculate it for you, then prompt you to insert a new blank disc when the previous one is filled. 

Retrieving the files can be a bit more of a pain if the archive spans multiple volumes, but it’d be faster to copy the entire archive onto the hard drive anyway rather than attempting to retrieve the file from the disc with StuffIt Archive Manager.

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